A Girl Holding Spring Lilac Flowers In The Grass Photographed With Expired Polaroid Film

A Most Precious Resource

For centuries, one of the most precious resources on earth was wasted.

Like water, it was polluted and discarded.

Many who were aware of this resource’s value grabbed for its control. Just like water, they strove to own it, to contain it, and to profit from it. They hoarded it greedily inside their homes.

Fertile soils now desiccate into deserts and illuminate water’s true value. Water is vital to human survival. It is fundamental to flourishing.

Like water, this resource exists in abundance yet also languishes underground. Within it lies the potential to quench planetary thirst and sustain the future.

This resource is girls’ dreams.

Like ripe mangoes and juicy figs, the dreams of girls dangle before our eyes. They sparkle from girls’ delight and laughter, they radiate from girls’ exuberance.

But so many dreams are left to rot.

Girls enter a world that fails to protect them and so they learn to shield their bodies. They enter a world that fails to empower them and so they learn to tamp away their dreams.

Like bound feet, girls’ dreams coil up in tiny containers where they fester and ossify.

X chromosomes contain the coiled strength of generations and the potential energy to propel the future.

Releasing that energy relies upon two factors: the work we are willing to apply and the distance we strive to stretch.