A Girl Holding Spring Lilac Flowers In The Grass Photographed With Expired Polaroid Film

Prayer for the earth

To the Goddess, the forgotten divine feminine of the earth, its creatures, and its waters, the force that has been subjected to rapacious damage for centuries:

May we dethrone greed and lust. The poisonous, insatiable hungers that spawned centuries of plunder and destruction. That have trampled through the cries of children and animals. May we unlock the wealth procured through this violence so that it rains upon the lands and waters from which it was taken.

May we cherish all forms of life. May we value the most vulnerable forms of life—the marginalized, the hurt, the young and the old, the plant and the animal. Let us be a kaleidoscope of existence and expression.

May we make amends. May we listen to the cries of the indigenous, the refugees, the enslaved, and their descendants. May we return what was taken. May we look squarely into the eyes of injustice and take ownership over our parts, our ancestors’ parts, our inheritances and our legacies both chosen and unchosen. May we listen, acknowledge, apologize, and repair. And repair. And repair.  

May we return to our bodies. We have abandoned them for machines. May we discard our machines and choose our flesh, our blood, and our breath. May we unearth the power and energy that lies dormant in our bones. May we mine our bodies for precious resources, our inner gold, coal, and oil. 

May we revere wilderness. The Wild is neither our dominion nor domain. May we treat the uncultivated, undominated, and completely free as sacred space. May we turn inward, rather, to conquer beasts and demons, to wrestle with terror and desire. May we fall to our knees in awe and wonder of what lies beyond us.